Bra Style

Not all types of bra are born equal – each will do something different for you depending on the shape of your boobs, your figure, as well as your own preferences (and the outfit you’re wearing!) Take a look at this handy guide to the bra styles we offer, and what each bra shape offers women with big boobs.

What is a plunge bra?

Plunge bra styles offer a little less coverage but no less support! Many big-boobed women who don’t get on with deep wires find that the low centre wires in a plunge are super comfy, so we’d suggest giving this style a go if you’ve never tried it. These bras also work really well under low-cut outfits – no pesky lines peeking over the top of your clothes!

What is a balconette bra?

A balconette bra is a really popular style as it offers a rounded shape and great support with less coverage than you’d get from a full cup style. The straps are a little wider-set than on other styles, joining at the side of the cups rather than the centre. Balconettes make brilliant basics as they suit so many of us and work under a range of clothing styles.

What is a full cup bra?

Just as it says on the tin – full cup bras offer all-over coverage and great support! The cups come up a little higher than in other styles, and lots of Bravissimo girls tell us they feel really secure in this shape. The straps are a little closer-set as well, joining at the centre of the cups, so this style is ideal if you find that your straps tend to slip off your shoulders.

What is a half-cup bra?

Sometimes called a demi-cup, this style covers about half of your boobs and offers an upfront and uplifted shape. These bras can work fantastically if you want to boost your cleavage from the bottom, and great if you’re not as full at the top of your boobs.

What is a T-shirt bra?

Whether it’s for wearing under a sheer t-shirt or bodycon dress, when nothing but a smooth line will do, these are your go-to bra styles. We have bras with subtle seams as well as seam-free (moulded) styles to pick from. With a seam-free style, your boobs need to fit the cups as the shape is fixed or “moulded”, so if you don’t get on with these bras or they don’t come in your size then good news is that we’ve got a range of bras with barely-there seams that will give you the same smooth silhouette.

What is a non-wired bra?

Whether you’re looking for a style to sleep in, something to wear post-surgery, or just something to fling on when you’re relaxing at home, then we have a selection of non-wired bra styles to suit women with big boobs. Non-wired bras generally offer a more natural shape to underwired styles so if you’re unsure what to go for then please give us a shout.

What is a nursing bra?

Nursing bras have a handy clip to drop down the cup when you’re feeding, and we have a selection of both non-wired and flexi-wired options to suit your needs.

What is a sports bra

Sports bras hold your bust close to your ribcage for maximum hold and minimum jiggling. Wired sports bras offer more boob separation. Non-wired designs are made from fabric with less stretch that will feel a little firmer and work using a compression technique. The choice is yours!


It’s really important to us that you feel comfortable in the bras that you buy from us so, if once you’ve worn a new bra, you find it uncomfortable or you’re not happy with it for any reason, please stop wearing it and get in touch with us so that we can help. All our contact details can be found by scrolling down!