Washing bras, lingerie & swimwear

Does washing bras by hand really matter?

Short answer…yes. We understand that it is a bit of a pain, but machine washing can cause wonky wires and make the elastic not-so-stretchy. It can also damage the plastic coating on the end of the underwires and cause them to push through their casing which could scratch your skin or get tangled in the mechanism of your washing machine – double ouch! We really do recommend that you hand wash all your lingerie and swimwear as well as anything with an underwire to keep all your things, and your washing machine, in the best condition (Let’s save that call out fee!).

Ok…I get it, I really should hand wash lingerie, but how?

Firstly, fill a sink/bucket/bath/insert other large-water-holding-receptacle here with cool water. Try not to fall in…

Hold on, cool water?

Well, your delicates are delicate! Washing bras in cool water helps to prevent damage to elastic, lace and embroidery and keeps colours fresh. Grey pants – no thanks!

So, we should hand wash lingerie. How about hand dry?

Yes, definitely avoid the tumble drier and any direct heat like a radiator. Leave somewhere to drip and air dry.

Same goes for vest tops with built in bras?

Our vest tops with built in bras are underwired, so yes. We would recommend a cool hand wash for all underwired garments.

Do I need to hand wash non-wired styles?

Good point! Some non-wired styles can be washed in the machine on a cool wash (always best to check the label first). You can pop them in a lingerie wash bag to avoid tangling, if you like, or just fasten the hooks so they don’t get caught on anything.

How about washing swimsuits?

Washing swimsuits and bikinis is similar to washing lingerie but the golden rule is no softener – it can break down the elastic in the fabric. If you can, give your swimwear a rinse in cold water as soon as you can, to get rid of the salt, chlorine and sun cream, and then follow the tips for hand washing above. If your swimsuit is a non-wired style, you might be able to pop it in the machine on a cool wash (just be sure to check the label first!). Remember to drip dry in the shade to prevent fading.