Underneath it all


Winter’s not only about hibernating in your pyjamas… we’ve got events to attend! And Bravissimo girls know that every great party outfit starts with a great base.

If your outfit is…


No straps? No problem. We stock strapless bras up to an F cup so you can expand your party dress wardrobe like never before. You might even want to add one to your collection to pair with off-shoulder , so it can be part of your everyday collection. You might want to try Ultimate Strapless – this is our bestselling strapless bra and with seriously good reason!


If you’re rocking a lower neckline, you might want a bra with a little less coverage (without compromising on support, of course!) Plunge styles and half cups are great options – both finish lower down our boobs than other styles, and all of ours give the support the girls rely on!


If your outfit is seriously figure-hugging and you feel like you need a super smooth line underneath, a padded bra can be a great idea.

Smoothing bras come in all shapes and sizes! You could go for a moulded or non-moulded style, with or without padding (and don’t worry, the padding won’t necessarily add bulk).