what works for big boobs?

T-shirt bras are the only bras defined by the thing they go under, yet not everyone wears a T-shirt bra with a T-shirt… So what is a T-shirt bra? How should you choose one? Which ones work best for big boobs? With almost 40 on offer at Bravissimo alone, it can be tricky to navigate the sea of options and select the best one for you. So, here are some (hopefully helpful) top tips to help you figure out your own T-shirt bra wish list.

What is a T-shirt bra?

A T-shirt bra is very often the thing you reach for when you don’t really want to think about your bra, something that’ll work with any outfit and almost feels like a second skin. If you’ve already got one of these, it’s probably the bra that sits at the top of your drawer and is well-worn and well-loved! A T-shirt bra is either moulded (which just means seam-free) or it gives a smooth line under clothes using some other clever construction.

In general, T-shirt bras don’t have any lace or embroidery on the cups as this would show through some clothes – they tend to be simple in terms of style.

There are loads of things to look for when it comes to T-shirt bras – here’s a bit of a run-down which we hope you’ll find useful…

Does moulded = padded?

There are lots of T-shirt bras out there that are ‘moulded’ and there’s a bit of a myth that moulded = padded… that’s just not true! Moulded just means seam-free, and a moulded bra can be padded or non-padded!

Moulded and padded T-shirt bras

A padded and moulded style can be a popular choice as a T-shirt bra because the cups are made using different types of foam depending on the bra, ranging from really lightweight ‘spacer foam’ to a thicker padded fabric. These foam cups give you a lovely smooth silhouette under clothes and can do an extra job of hiding our nipples! And, as you can choose the kind of foam or padding you want, they don’t need to add bulk – we know this isn’t necessarily what Allure girls are looking for!

Other smooth T-shirt bras

We’ve also got smoothing T-shirt bras for women who find that they want or need more support from seams, or a bra that can adapt to your unique shape in a way that a moulded bra will not. Think about the fact that with a moulded style, your boobs need to fit the cups (as the shape is fixed), whereas for non-moulded styles, the cups hug your unique shape. And more good news – we’ve got smooth options with and without padding…


Its shape

T-shirt bras are like any other style, in that you need to find the right shape(s) for you to work out where you want the wires to sit. For example, there are loads of myths about plunge bras always being super boob-boosting and not supportive, however that’s just not the case. Plunge bras offer a little less coverage, and because the wires sit lower, lots of bigger-boobed girls find that they make ideal everyday bras. Or you might find that you prefer your wires to sit a little higher, so balconettes might be a better shape for you.

Its fabric

Think about how you want your bra to feel against your skin. Some women like a soft and silky feel, others feel more at home with a more rigid fabric.

Its versatility

When you’re looking for a T-shirt bra, it’s a good idea to think about what you’re likely to wear the bra with. If you tend to wear lower cut tops, then half cup bra might be a good option, or if you always wear tops with interesting back details then look at how the bra straps work – can they be converted at the back? Many of the T-shirt bras we sell have convertible straps so you can either clip into racerback or cross-over position to change it up. Depending on the amount of boob-boosting you’re after, think about whether you’d prefer a T-shirt bra that’s either cleavage-enhancing (such as Deco) or offers a more natural shape (e.g. non-padded styles like Glossies).

Its colour

If you want your bra to be invisible under light-coloured clothes then try to match your bra as closely as possible to your skin colour. If you’ve got whiter skin, then beige, pink, pastel colours, and even gold tones might work, and if your skin is darker then go for black, brown, cappuccino hues and even red tones. Try on the colour of top you’re going to be wearing it with to see if your T-shirt bra really does disappear… You’d be surprised which colours work!

So which are the best T-shirt bras for big boobs?

It all depends on what you’re looking for! Have a think about what elements of the T-shirt bra are most crucial for you – is it padding, shape, comfort, or something else? When you’ve got your ‘ideal T-shirt bra’ menu (or if you’re not yet sure what’s going to be important for you) you can either have a look here, or get in touch using the links below and we’d love to help you!

Not sure?
Try a few on for size! We’re happy for you to either come for a fitting in-store and try a few on, or order a number of shapes and return (for free, of course!) the shapes you don’t get on with.